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  • Abuse - Violence doesn't solve anything.
  • Animals – Fluff and paws or teeth and jaws, save the critters.  
  • Arts – Is that a candlestick or two faces?  Art, music, and theatre support a well-balanced life.
  • Children – From birth to eighteen, kids need to tools to grow safely in homes, schools, and on the playground.
  • Civic Duty – Policemen, firemen, lifeguards, and other civic officers help their cities every single day.
  • Disabilities – Some are born, some are developed, but all need help to deal with impairments, limitations, and restrictions.
  • Disaster Relief - You can't control everything, and you certainly can't control when a natural disaster might turn your world upside-down.
  • Elderly – Grandma and Grandpa are older and wiser than you!
  • Education – Shaping the minds and bodies of eager learners.
  • Environment – Go Green!  Save the world!
  • Health – From chicken pox to cancer, there’s a great need for developing cures for what ails you.
  • Hunger – No one should go without food or water.
  • Poverty – To be rich in life, one must first have enough money to survive.
  • Run/Walks – Sunshine and tennis shoes can make strides for a number of great causes.
  • Other - Everything else that just doesn't belong above.

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