Friday, December 25, 2015

#DoMoreGiveMore with Todoist

Christmas marks the final week of a #DoMoreGiveMore campaign from one of my favorite apps - Todoist - featuring ways to support nonprofit causes through tweets and posts on Twitter and Instagram. Todoist is focusing on taking a step back to do a part for the larger, global community outside of the many tasks on our to-do lists. The #DoMoreGiveMore campaign raises awareness and donations for nonprofit organizations that accomplish truly amazing things in the world.

The first week featured Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides impartial medical relief to victims of war, disease, and disaster.

Week two highlighted The Malala Fund, a huge initiative to support education for girls.

Last week showed an outpouring of support for Stop Hunger Now, which has provided over 180 million meals in 65 countries since 1998.

This final week, you can support Heifer International, an organization that works directly with communities from all over the world in order to end world hunger and poverty while helping families achieve self-reliance.

For every tweet, retweet, or Instagram post using the hashtag #DoMoreGiveMore through this week, the Todoist team will donate $10 to one of the above causes. While you're checking out the great ways to give back with Todoist, be sure to read this recent blogpost from them too: The Case for Making Gratitude a Year-Round Habit.  Happy Holidays!

Photo Credit: Todoist

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