Thursday, August 27, 2015

Five Year Reflection

125 posts and 5 years ago, I started a little project to have an outlet for my nonprofit writing with dreams of reminding myself of the HTML coding I loved so much in high school.  While I'd prefer that my post count was higher, coding better, and time spent here increased, a little bit is better than nothing!

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I started with the obligatory "Hello world!" post in August 2010, followed by a profile of one of my favorite celebrity humanitarians, Matt Damon, in "ONEXONE: Hope Belongs to Everyone."  I've tried to write about do-good things that are interesting to me, but maybe also interesting to you.  I don't write with an audience in mind and I don't advertise this site, but I believe that sharing good ideas can inspire better ideas.  I read hundreds of articles a day on Feedly, subscribe to a variety of magazines (so much love for AAA's Westways), read social media (news, but about people I know!), and pay attention to the world and stories around me.  Learning is growing, and growing leads to positive change.

I hope I'm still writing five years from now - hopefully with much more content - and I've recently decided to be more personal in this space.  I hope wonderful guest bloggers like Jaclyn continue to write pieces for A Whispered Wish; I welcome you to write here if you have a common interest in goodwill too.  Stories will continue to be shared about things that make the world a better place -- thank you for reading.

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