Thursday, June 25, 2015

Enrou's #BetterYouBetterWorld Challenge

Last month, Enrou hosted a Better You, Better World two-week challenge designed to make people think about the impact of bettering yourself for seven days in order to better the world in the following seven days.  From pledges such as "reflect and focus" to "eat well" to "connect with people" to "keep current with news" to "join the conversation," #BetterYouBetterWorld encouraged conscious actions to be a better person for a better world.

Photo Credit: Enrou

For fourteen days, pledge participants posted pictures to represent intentional actions and decisions made.  While the official pledge is over, none of the fourteen actions are time-sensitive; one can participate in the challenge during any two week period!

Enrou asked A Whispered Wish to write for Day 13: Make a Local Impact.  As one of Enrou's biggest fans, it was an honor to write from the heart and mind about how to grow what you know into a lifetime of service and impact.  Click the image below to read the post:

Photo Credit: Enrou

Enrou is all about intentional living.  From their website: "Living with intention involves a commitment to form a more just, humane, and sustainable world. Live with personal integrity, a sense of beauty, creativity, and purpose. Define your values and make choices that reflect those values."  How will you live intentionally today?

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