Saturday, May 17, 2014

Furry Family Members

Thinking about adding a friendly companion to your family?  Adopting a shelter animal is a great way to make a new friend while saving a life.  Plus, the adoption fee you pay to your local shelter goes on to keep the shelter running, allowing more people to find more furry friends in need to take home.  Learn more from the ASPCA about why a shelter animal can make the best companion, or visit A Whispered Wish's previous post about preventing animal cruelty and the ASPCA.

Photo Credit: ASPCA

In addition to getting an animal out of a shelter, you may also be rescuing the critter from an abusive situation.  In February, Mashable posted Shelter Dogs' Before and After Photos Will Fetch Your Feels.  Take a look at the progress of Hippo, Squish, Bluebell, and others to see the dramatic difference that a new home and family can make on these little guys.  Mashable's post highlights the great work of the Trio Animal Foundation, which assists shelters, rescues, and individuals by paying the medical bills of homeless pets, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership.

Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation

I've been following the progress of two other furry families too: Gus Kenworthy's Sochi Pups & #theoandbeau.

Gus Kenworthy, an Olympic skier for the United States, made headlines this past winter when he found a bundle of cute pups in the midst of Sochi's mandate to exterminate strays.  The skier opted to bring two of the pups back home and find a good place for the others; you can now follow the Sochi Pups' progress on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Gus Kenworthy on Twitter

Finally, I fell in love with Theo & Beau (and the rest of the family) around the same time the world did -- when the news picked up on the adorable story of a brand new shelter puppy taking naps with a toddler.  Since then, I've been following the progress of the Shyba family on the mom's blog (Momma's Gone City) and Instagram (@mommasgonecity & #theoandbeau).  What I love most about their story is how much the #theoandbeau brand is able to give back: Momma's Gone City promotes the Santa Cruz SPCA in almost every post, partnering with brands like EviteFreshPet, and I and Love and You in order to raise more funds and awareness for Theo's original home.  A Whispered Wish profiled the Santa Cruz SPCA last summer, so reading about #theoandbeau is a nice daily reminder of the great work the organization continues to do.

Photo Credit: Momma's Gone City

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