Thursday, December 26, 2013

Give $1 with Google's One Today

Back in July, Google released a new Android app called One Today, but I missed it due to my love affair with my iPhone.  But, a few days ago, Google finally released the app for iOS users, just in time for the holidays!

One Today's slogan is "Give a little. Change a lot."  Google's aim is to introduce its users to neat nonprofits (all must be registered with Google for Nonprofits), and ask if the user would donate $1 to the projects they like.  One Today is synced with your Google account, which means the donations get pooled together via Google Wallet and your Google photo and name may show up as a person who donated to the project.  Much like my other favorite, Kiva, it is good to see who and how many people are donating to the projects that you have selected.  One Today also allows you to challenge your friends and match your donations, leading to bigger gains by the nonprofits.

Photo Credit: One Today app via my iPhone

By using One Today, your Google account streamlines everything -- you don't need to enter any additional information other to push a button.  Google already has your information if you have a Google account (Gmail, Google Wallet, etc.).  For every $10.00 donated, Google only collects a 1.9% processing fee -- $9.81 goes directly to the nonprofit, which is a much larger percentage than most organizations that facilitate donations!  One Today also partners with Network for Good, which has released more than $927 million in donations for over 100,000+ nonprofits.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Photo Credit: One Today app via my iPhone

Google has promised to build "a better world, faster."  This is just one way, which involves the Google user.  Other projects that Google is currently tackling involve empowering women & girls, protecting threatened wildlife, improving computer science education, responding to crises, launching an impact challenge in India, and fighting trafficking and child abuse.  According to their Google Giving website: "Each year, we donate $100,000,000 in grants, 60,000 hours, and $1 billion in products."  In the month of December alone, Google announced their 12 Days of Giving, an interactive holiday calendar exploring different causes, and unveiled their Global Impact Awards to donate $11.5 million in grants to innovators to tackle the world's toughest challenges.

This holiday season, as you think about a recap of 2013 and what 2014 might bring, think about the future of your donations.  Whether it be $1 or $365, commit to making a difference in the nonprofits you believe in.  Donate just $1 to the projects that interest you via One Today.

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