Saturday, October 19, 2013

Superheroes Fighting Cancer

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

A while back, I heard about this amazing story -- a children's cancer ward was redesigned to be a place where superheroes could fight off sickness!

In São Paulo, Brazil, the A.C.Camargo Cancer Center was redesigned with superhero covers for intravenous bags, hero cut-outs lining the walls and doors, and special comic books created for the kids featuring their heroes going through similar experiences.  The "Superformula" was designed to help alleviate the fears of the children (and their families) while going through a scary experience.

Hospitals around the world do what they can to eradicate cancer while cheering up child patients, and this is just one example.  To find other ways to give back at a children's cancer hospital near you, visit The National Children's Cancer Society website.

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