Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shop & Donate @ Your Local Grocery

This one must be a no-brainer, but yet so many people don't do it or know about it.  Did you know that you can fill out a form with your local grocery store in order to donate a certain percent of your bill to charity?  The funding comes from the grocer - not you - and there are thousands of charities to pick from!

At Ralphs, where I shopped tonight, the Community Contribution program links to your phone number and Ralphs Rewards card.  At the same time you save money on your normal groceries, you are also connecting your favorite charity to a donation by Ralphs.  Charities can earn 1-4% based on eligible purchases, and more information can be found on the Ralphs Community Contribution FAQ website.  My charity of choice is Reading To Kids, where I also volunteer, but there are thousands of eligible non-profits to choose.

Other stores with similar programs:

  • Target allows REDcard holders to designate 1% of their purchases to a K-12 school of their choice through Take Charge of Education.  $354 million has been donated since 1997.
  • Office Depot has a 5% Back to Schools program, which offers your chosen K-12 school a credit that can be used to purchase needed school supplies.  Office Depot will honor up to $10 million in total credits to these designated schools.
  • Macy's offers a Thanks For Sharing program during the holiday season, where customers can opt in to receive 10% back on their purchases in the form of a gift card a few months later.  In order to enroll, the customer is charged a $25 fee which Macy's donates to their favorite charities - $15 million was collected in 2012.  A win for both charities and customers!

Do you know of other stores that give back based on your everyday purchases?  If you do, let A Whispered Wish know and continue to shop there!

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