Thursday, March 28, 2013

Entertainment Morality Clause

Photo Credit: GLEE on FOX Extras

Being sick for the past two weeks, with the last 4 days spent lying on the couch watching bad TV in a medicine-and-cough-induced haze, your mind sort of turns to mush.  Watching obscene amounts of How I Met Your Mother (great), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (leads to bad/crazy dreams), and GLEE (so embarrassed to admit this) leads to some interesting ideas for blog posts... like this one.

While I have many morality issues with the show GLEE, I still can't seem to delete it from the DVR and end up catching up with the show when I'm sick or bored.  But, they briefly got one thing right in their last episode -- calling out Chris Brown.  Does it drive anyone else crazy that Chris Brown's songs are still played over and over on the radio, and that he is getting paid to make music and appearances?  It makes me nuts that bad role models such as Chris Brown, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Charlie Sheen, and others can do so much wrong for the world and yet still be paid and praised by the general public.  Sure, everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance, but haven't these people had dozens of chances with no thoughts of change?  There are so many talented and professional people willing to work in the entertainment industry - why do we allow these lowlifes to continue to be on our TVs, our radios, in our movie theaters and pay money to see and hear them?  We can't all be perfect role models, but I wish they would try.

The next time you want to have an entertainment role model, look at do-gooders who are known for their talent and compassion - Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Brad Pitt, and Harry Connick, Jr. - to name a few.  Better yet, find a role model you can look up to in the real world: a teacher, an astronaut, a scientist, or a family member.

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