Sunday, January 13, 2013

Light for Light: Mwanga Candles

Photo Credit: Mwanga Candles on Facebook

According to Mwanga Candles, about 79% of people in third world countries do not have access to electricity, most of them in Africa as well as South and East Asia.  What would you do if you had no electricity?  You certainly couldn't write an email, a blogpost, or check the latest football scores with your computer.  For basic necessities, electricity is an important one to have.  Mwanga Candles is trying to improve one aspect: LIGHT.

Mwanga Candles sells safe, hand-crafted, natural, and beautiful soy candles out of a passion for mission work and charity.  Each candle sold leads to a donation of a solar-powered flashlight to a family in another part of the world with no access to electricity.  UCLA Magazine recently profiled the efforts of Mwanga Candles in their July 2012 issue.  The non-profit owners, a young married couple who wanted to merge their talents in sales and missionary work, started the company in December 2011.  They strive to make a big impact on a large number of people in areas such as Tibet, Africa, and South America through the local sale of candles.

Learn more about Mwanga Candles and purchase a gift for yourself in the New Year - the gift of light will go where needed.

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