Monday, February 20, 2012

The Pujols Family Foundation: Scoring a Win

Photo Credit: Pujols Family Foundation

A few months ago, Albert Pujols signed a 10-year, $240+ million contract with the Angels to bring his talents to California.  But his heavy paycheck and solid game won't be the only thing hopefully coming to the West Coast -- fans are excited to see his charitable work grow west of St. Louis as well.

The Pujols Family Foundation was created on May 5, 2005 (05/05/05, also symbolized in his uniform number) to help those living with Down Syndrome in the Dominican Republic.  The Foundation promises to promote awareness, provide hope, and meet tangible needs for families.  Through Pujols' connections to Major League Baseball and St. Louis through the Cardinals, the Foundation's reach has grown to also benefit those in St. Louis.  Recently, the chief executive of the Foundation has been making calls to charities that help families struggling with Down Syndrome in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas to assess their needs and find ways of partnering with existing efforts.  It should be an easy pairing: Angel Stadium has already been involved with the cause through their annual Buddy Walk each year, which celebrates Down Syndrome awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.

For more on Pujols' good deeds and move to Anaheim, read the full story from Los Angeles Times sports reporter Mike DiGiovanna.

The Pujols Family Foundation is an IRS 501 (c)(3) organization benefiting people with (a) Down syndrome (b) disabilities and/or life threatening illnesses as well as (c) children and families living in impoverished conditions in the Dominican Republic.

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