Sunday, January 15, 2012

Water Changes Everything

Photo Credit: charity:water

Do you take for granted the water you consume each day?  Each time you take a shower, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, or drink a glass of cold water, do you think about what it took to get that water to your home, school, or office?  In a video for charity:water, Kristen Bell voices a dynamic three minute video about what a lack of water means to women and children in Africa and other countries.  Did you know that women and children...
  • ... have no other choice but to walk three hours a day to the nearest swamp, river, or pond to obtain dirty water for their families?
  • ... spend more time gathering water than cooking, learning, or earning money?
  • ... walk miles to the nearest source of water, which is usually unsafe and unprotected?

More than one billion people live this way, and yet the water crisis is solvable!  90% of the 30,000 deaths from unsafe water are preventable, and yet people have no money for clean water or medicine.  With clean water, developing nations can grow small gardens to boost their food supply, achieve gender equality through water committee leadership roles, and use all that extra time in school, running a business, or caring for family.

Just $20 can provide one person clean, safe drinking water.  charity:water provides online tracking to let you know exactly what donations are used for, including the 65 projects in clinics and hospitals, 430 projects in schools, and 3,787 projects in communities funded so far.  Get involved by volunteering in New York, getting your school or community excited about fundraising and awareness, and collecting donations.

My buddy Richard's birthday is on January 20th, and all he wants is some clean water for children he will never meet.  Won't you help him accomplish this goal?  Donate $20 for his 20th birthday on 1/20.

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