Friday, July 1, 2011

To Create a World Free of MS

Photo Credit: Walk MS

Multiple Sclerosis is hard to diagnose, impossible to treat and manage, and yet affects so many people -- some of them mothers, husbands, and friends of A Whispered Wish.  Walk MS is an annual, easy way to support cutting edge research, change through advocacy, and education programs and services.  Visit the Walk MS website to find an event in your region; many of them are hosted at neat attractions such as LEGOLAND in San Diego, the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Pennsylvania, and beaches and parks around the United States.

For those more athletically-inclined, the National MS Society also hosts a number of other events:
  • Challenge Walk MS: A two to three day journey over 30-50 miles in 10 cities across the US.  One of our friends, Mike Belk, was recently diagnosed at 25 with MS, and he and his family and friends are participating in the San Diego Challenge Walk on September 23-25, 2011 to walk 50 miles in 3 days.  Click here to donate to or join his team.
  • Bike MS: A two day bicycle adventure over 150 miles, Bike MS events are popping up everywhere from the Colorado mountains to the very popular Waves to Wine Tour from San Francisco to Sonoma.  Click here to donate or join the team of a family member who does this adventure annually -- and speedily!
  • Race to Stop MS: Are you fast?  This endurance training program helps runners succeed in their athletic goals while raising funds and awareness.  Participating runners receive professional training and coaching, wearable Race to Stop MS gear, and additional running/training tools to help them succeed in triathlons and marathons.
  • MS Climb to the Top: In NYC, 1,500 participants climb 66 flights of stairs at the Rockefeller Center for an amazing view and a unique way to raise funds for the more than 10,000 residents of NYC who have been affected by MS.  Boston has their own version, where 500 participants climb 61 flights of stairs to the top of New England's tallest building: the John Hancock Tower.
  • Mud Run MS: People in New Jersey are getting dirty for the cause -- participants take on a 10k military-style obstacle course... completely covered in mud!

This was a long post, but we're so excited about these adventurous events that the National MS Society hosts!  You can know nothing or everything about Multiple Sclerosis, but their events are focused on having fun and getting in shape with challenges and friends.  Find a challenge in your area today to get started to create a world free of MS.

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