Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Daraja Academy

The Daraja Academy is a free all-girls secondary school in Kenya.  "When you educate a girl, you educate the world," and their Girls of Daraja film explains in words, pictures, and video just how that is accomplished.  Daraja, which means "bridge," is a boarding school that gives young girls a chance to succeed and rise above poverty through teaching academic and leadership skills.  The academy provides shelter, food, healthcare, and counseling services along with an excellent education.

Daraja is run by the Carr Educational Foundation, whose core values include integrity, communication, reflective awareness, interdependence, and respect.  Carr hopes to create sustainable educational models in struggling communities.  To read more about their educational philosophy and goals, visit the school's Fact Sheet.

One of our friends, Briana Colorado, had the chance to work at the Daraja Academy in Nanyuki, Kenya, to observe, learn, and be a part of this incredible educational opportunity for young Kenyan girls who would otherwise be unable to complete their education.  Briana wrote to us: "Words truly cannot describe the amount of growth and learning I have gained so far from the leaders at this school and the amazing young women of Kenya. This will forever be something I wish everyone in my life could be a part of, as no words or pictures will ever do it justice."  Luckily, Briana did take a few pictures, and is sharing them with us:

Briana Colorado visited the Daraja Academy in March 2011, and is a graduate of the University of San Diego with a Master of Arts degree in School Counseling. 

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