Wednesday, May 4, 2011

25, Mother's Day, and Invisible Children

Photo Credit: Invisible Children Blog

Invisible Children is one of our favorite charities, and we don't write about them on this website often enough.

On April 25, they hosted an event where over 80,000 people went silent for an entire 25 hours to symbolize the tragedy of 25 years of war.  Afterwards, Break the Silence events happened all over the United States to celebrate the efforts of the day and learn more about what can be done in the future.  "Speak out by not speaking" led hundreds of thousands of people to learn more about the Lords Resistance Army and the terrible war in central Africa.

We first learned about Invisible Children several years ago through a local radio show that had Kristen Bell on as a guest.  For years, she has used her prominence as a famous actress and her intellect as an informed individual to spread awareness about the war and the steps that students, friends, and supporters can take to help.  She's been to Uganda several times and fundraises for the Schools-4-Schools program year-round.  For Mother's Day, she's promoting a beautiful Acholi Necklace that she designed -- for $45, you can show your support for Invisible Children and purchase a lovely necklace for your mom, grandmother, sister, or friend this Mother's Day, or for any upcoming occasion.

In turn, we promise to no longer stay silent about the great work of the Invisible Children team.  We were so proud to watch them win a Classy Award last year, and we look forward to reading more great news about their work at the Invisible Children blog.

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