Sunday, April 17, 2011

Will you be a Philanthroper?

Photo Credit: Philanthroper

Philanthroper is a new, neat website with similar goals and ideas to A Whispered Wish.  Their website has daily deals, much like LivingSocial and Groupon, where the visitor can learn about a non-profit [501(c)3] organization and choose to give $1 to the cause.  They only take $1, and hope that you'll return in the future to donate another $1 to another cause.  Sign up for their email listserv and you'll get reminders about the deal/cause of the day and learn more about small organizations trying to make a big difference.

Philanthroper chooses causes, both local and global, based on recommendations and research.  They focus on smaller, younger nonprofits -- those which bring in less than $1 million per year in revenue.  In addition, the website takes no fees -- that's right, they make NO money off of this.  One penny of your donation goes to the independent payment processor, but the other 99 cents goes directly to the highlighted nonprofit and gets there in less than a week!

You can only donate $1, but we admire Philanthroper for recognizing small but mighty organizations and the fact that small but mighty donations can make a big difference.  You don't need to donate every day (although you could at this excellent price!), but just making yourself aware of these different causes is a neat way to spend a minute of your day.

From PhilanthroperYou know those daily deal sites? We're another one of those. But instead of selling something, we're sharing the story of a new 501(c)3 nonprofit every day. And if you'd like, you can give them $1. We're trying to make doing good a habit. 

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