Sunday, April 24, 2011

Clean the World - Recycle your Soap!

Photo Credit: Clean the World

Ever wonder what happens to the leftover soap in hotel rooms?  Most are just thrown away -- left to spoil in landfills and dumps.  Hotels across the world toss slightly-used bottles and bars, but something useful can be done with that excess soap.  Don't waste -- either take the soap home to use and then recycle the bottle, or make sure your soap gets re-purposed to save lives.

Clean The World collects old/used soaps and shampoos to redistribute them to the poor to reduce infection and illness.  Soaps are collected and then safely and hygienically recycled to become available for donation.  Clean The World's re-batching and soap sanitizing process ensure that all soap becomes safe and useable soap, that can then be given with appropriate educational materials to sustain good personal hygiene.

If you would like to help, try one (or two or five) of these easy ways:

Don't let good soap go to waste.

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