Friday, March 18, 2011

Crisis in Japan, Part 2

Photo Credit: Forever21

We had a great response to our previous post, and so we have a few more suggestions to share of how you can help the Japan tsunami and earthquake relief efforts.  But first, view this website to see aerial before-and-after photos of the locations in Japan affected by the storm.  Still need novel ideas for how to help?

  • Forever21, a popular clothing store, is offering 100% for Japan.  100% of the purchases on March 18 from their global online stores will go to the American Red Cross -- every single dollar spent!  Although we're not sure about their slogan -- "Shopping can do a world of good" -- we may have bought a few items.  Free shipping for US orders over $50.
  • Living Social, which is becoming our favorite group coupon website, is offering a match for donations.  Donate $5 and they will match $5 for a total $10 donation to the American Red Cross.  As of this post, over $2 million has been raised through this deal.
  • InnerSpoken has created a special limited edition shirt in support of the relief efforts, and you can choose where you'd like your donation to go with the purchase of the shirt.
Have you seen other creative ways to help?  We want to share them!  Post a comment or contact us.

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