Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stand With Haiti

Photo Credit: Stand With Haiti

January 12, 2011 marked the one year anniversary of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, but also served as a reminder that so much more still needs to be done.  Partners In Health (PIH) has been working in Haiti since before last year's earthquake.  PIH has over 20 years of experience in the area and knows how to help Haitians in both medical and moral ways.  PIH's five fundamental principles are:
  1. Access to primary health care
  2. Free health care and education for the poor
  3. Community partnerships
  4. Addressing basic social and economic needs
  5. Serving the poor through the public sector
PIH's model allows communities to help themselves get care, share lessons, and work to solve underlying problems.  Instead of focusing on disasters that roll in and out of a community, PIH focuses on the community's long-term goals of health, safety, and education for all members.

PIH created the Stand With Haiti Fund plan, which will spend $135 million to help Haiti rebuild by June 2012.  PIH's defined outline of goals addresses the needs of the community, including cholera prevention and treatment for the recent outbreak.  You can see where these funds have been allocated so far by visiting the Stand With Haiti Fund Overview.

Show your commitment to help Haiti reconstruct and rebuild by 2012, if not sooner. 

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