Saturday, January 1, 2011



"STILLERSTRONG, stealing great ideas from other charities to build schools in Haiti."  In a battle between Zoolander and the mighty Lance Armstrong, who will win?

Many of you have heard of LIVESTRONG, Lance Armstrong's charity to fight cancer, through the yellow bracelets that were seen on the wrists of celebrities and ordinary people around the world to signify the fight against cancer and the choice to live a strong life.  It was a successful PR campaign that continues today, raising people's awareness of cancer and fundraising through purchases.

After the disastrous earthquake in Haiti almost a year ago, Ben Stiller announced the launch of the Haitian School Initiative.  The Initiative would get kids back in schools -- places where they could be safe, get proper nutrition and health care, and be away from the devastation at home.  Stealing the LIVESTRONG bracelet idea, Stiller began selling STILLERSTRONG headbands with 100% of the proceeds going to Haitian schools.  Visit the STILLERSTRONG website to view a video from Ben Stiller taunting Lance Armstrong and to learn more about how you can help Haiti.

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