Monday, October 25, 2010


Photo Credit: StayClassy

StayClassy is an organization that encourages social fundraising for nonprofits.  Founded in 2006 with a pub crawl, this young team of professionals have revolutionized how nonprofits earn donations.  StayClassy particularly targets the younger, passionate demographic. Click here for more information on the good deeds this team has done.

Last year, StayClassy hosted the Classy Awards for the first time, highlighting charities, people, campaigns, creativity, and innovation.  This year's top philanthropic achievements will be announced at a fabulous ceremony on November 7.  To vote for your favorite, visit the voting website and cast your ballot online.  And while you're there, be sure to donate to your favorite charity.  We're especially pulling for Invisible Children (Most Effective Awareness Campaign) and the MS Society's New York City chapter who presented Climb to the Top (Most Creative Fundraiser).

Vote and donate.  Make Will Ferrell proud.

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