Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clinton Global Initiative

Photo Credit: Clinton Global Initiative

Jon Stewart hosted President Bill Clinton on The Daily Show on September 16 (we're a little behind...) to talk about the Clinton Global Initiative.  The CGI is an annual meeting which started in 2005 to bring together "a room filled with the most innovative, action-oriented, and socially responsible leaders in the world."  Participants discuss global challenges, but as Clinton discusses with Stewart, they do more.  They don't just talk about problems, these innovative leaders pledge proactive solutions large and small to create effective change.  Commitments to Action "translate[s] goals into meaningful and measurable results."

This year's conference was hosted on September 20-23, 2010 in New York, and the agenda included the following action areas: empowering girls and women, strengthening market-based solutions, enhancing access to modern technology, and harnessing human potential.  Click here to view the webcasts of each of the sessions.

You may not be a world leader or have $20,000 to pay the CGI membership fee, but you can still make a difference.  Instead of talking about the hardships faced around the world, go DO SOMETHING about them.

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