Monday, September 20, 2010

Volunteer Your Time, Find Your Soulmate

Photo Credit: CNCS

In the July 2010 issue, Cosmopolitan Magazine wrote: "Studies show that performing altruistic acts can make you more sexually attractive -- all the more reason to put on your do-gooder pants.  Check out opportunities at, and search your zip code to find a place to volunteer (and guy scope) near you."  Visit the online article here:, slide 15 of 21.

Well, Cosmo just proved our point: doing good in small acts does wonders for the world -- while also scoring you a date for the weekend!  VolunteeringInAmerica's website lists a number of opportunities for volunteering and civic engagement around the United States, and is hosted by the U.S. Government.  Utah is currently the #1 state for volunteer rates, so volunteer your time this month to boost your state's rankings.

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