Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spare Change

Photo Credit: GNN and Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust

Some cities have created a new way to fight homelessness: putting up parking meters.  No, not the kind with the red flags where meter maids ticket your car for being five minutes past due.  These are painted, colorful meters that local businesses can purchase and decorate with advertisements.  Passerbys with spare change can choose to drop it in the meter for charity.  The change collected goes to feeding and housing the homeless.  So far, cities such as Miami, Nashville, Denver, and San Francisco have each started a similar program with great results -- up to $100,000 a year from Denver!  Click here to read more information on this new meter trend.

What do you think?  Personally, we think dropping change into a machine that spits out smashed pennies, swirls down a funnel, or splashes in a wishing fountain seems a lot more fun.  But every little bit counts!

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