Sunday, September 5, 2010

ONEXONE: Hope Belongs to Everyone

Photo Credit: ONEXONE Media Center

Celebrities team up with charities all the time, but for what reason?  To look good in the media?  A nice tax break from the millions they receive from films, TV, commercials, and sponsorships?  Or because they have so much money, they just don't know what to do with it?  Almost every celebrity personality is attached to one or more philanthropic causes, and no matter what their reason, it's a blessing to have them help out those less fortunate.

One of these celebrities really hopes to save the world.  And with his intelligence, charm, and influential friends, he just may do it.  Matt Damon could save us.

His latest adventure, ONEXONE, focuses on five aspects of a child's overall wellbeing: water, hunger, health care, education, and play.  The website states: "Through this concentration we endeavor to improve the health, wellness, and vitality of our world's children - one by one."  You may have already heard about ONEXONE from the Season 6 finale of Entourage, when Matt Damon harassed Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) about giving back.  Watch the funny expletive-filled video on YouTube (hi Ari Gold!).

For more proof that Matt Damon can save both children and water (he also works with, read the Esquire Magazine October 2009 cover article, Matt Damon: The Celebrity Shall Save You.

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